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One Small Visit is based on the true adventure of my dear friend Anisha and her parents. When I first heard the story over a decade ago I was completely captivated and instantly fell for these lovely, bold, and badass Indian women. I loved the re-telling of the moon landing, an historical event we all know so well, from this intimate perspective.

Troubled by the growing polarization happening around the world, working on this gave me hope. After researching the 60s in more depth, I realized the parallels between that era's turmoil and today's. I see this tale as a parable for our own divided times.

A Chinese Canadian woman, I’ve been a global nomad most of my life. I’ve always grappled with issues of race, identity, and belonging. With One Small Visit, I wanted to address them in an uplifting way. Ultimately, it’s a story between two very different families finding connection and a shared humanity; a testament to taking leaps of faith and small acts of openness and kindness that make a difference.



Director's Note

A Story


Shared Humanity

In 1969, an Indian immigrant family takes one small step into Neil Armstrong’s tiny Ohio hometown and one giant leap into an unforgettable adventure.


Based on a true story, One Small Visit is a heartwarming 30 min short film that follows the Abrahams on their incredible journey navigating through 1960s Middle America, in the wake of the moon landing and the civil rights movement, right to the doorstep of the Armstrong home.

Why we're 
       excited to make this film. 

"Stories are universal. This filmmaking team is spread across the world, coming together in this unforgettable time, truly is the epitome of global story telling" 

Morgan Davidoff


Coffee Partners Media

"This is a tale of courage, serendipity, and hope in a time of polarization, exclusion, and violence. I wanted to support this movie because I believe its deep human message needs to be shared by all."

Pierre-Alexis Dumas

Executive Producer

Tempio Films

“It's a story that captures the imagination and it reminds us of how cultures are connected through our collective achievements .”

Manon Dave 


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