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All of us from the One Small Visit family are truly grateful for the wonderful partnerships we have formed along this adventure. They really helped bring our creative world together. 

Our Amazing Partners

From space

you see the borders that divide us

don't exist

One Small Visit is a 30 minute film about the incredible true story of an immigrant Indian family who unexpectedly passes through the tiny Midwest hometown of Neil Armstrong in the wake of the '69 moon landing and the civil rights movement and ends up on the doorstep of the Armstrong home.

Why we're 
       excited to make this film. 

"I love this story! Vinay and I wanted to support this short film, because it's an inspiring message of hope, possibility and making connections with people who might look different on the outside but are more similar than you might think."

Anjali Kataria

Executive Producer

"This is a tale of courage, serendipity, and hope in a time of polarization, exclusion, and violence. I wanted to support this movie because I believe its deep human message needs to be shared by all."

Pierre-Alexis Dumas

Executive Producer

Tempio Films

"As a child of Indian immigrant parents, growing up in the 70s and 80s in New Jersey,  I constantly felt aware of how we were viewed differently and many times very negatively. I never saw the kindness that was portrayed in this story so it brings me comfort thinking that while I lived through some of the worst discrimination possible, at the same time, there were glimpses of kindness and humanity. It would’ve helped me at the time, as a child, to hear this story and I hope it conveys the feeling of hope for others. "

Shubha Iyengar 

Executive Producer

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