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One Small Visit

One Small Visit is based on the true adventure of my dear friend Anisha and her parents. When I first heard the story over a decade ago I was completely captivated and instantly fell for these lovely, bold, and badass Indian women. I loved the re-telling of the moon landing, an historical event we all know so well, from this intimate perspective.

Troubled by the growing polarization happening around the world, working on this gave me hope. After researching the 60s in more depth, I realized the parallels between that era's turmoil and today's. I see this tale as a parable for our own divided times.

A Chinese Canadian woman, I’ve been a global nomad most of my life. I’ve always grappled with issues of race, identity, and belonging. With One Small Visit, I wanted to address them in an uplifting way. Ultimately, it’s a story between two very different families finding connection and a shared humanity; a testament to taking leaps of faith and small acts of openness and kindness that make a difference.

I’m part of the larger, global Asian diaspora, people who have long been a part of the fabric in our adopted nations but constantly viewed as perpetual foreigners, visitors, those who don’t belong. This story proves we do, that we’ve been here all along, part of the most celebrated event of human history, interacting with the most iconic of American families. Our stories just haven’t been told. Now is the time to tell them.

I’m so honored to be entrusted with this film and thrilled to have a team around the globe (Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Wellington, NZ) to make it.

For the past few years, I’ve often felt helpless and despaired over the HK protests, the pandemic, racial reckoning (Black Lives Matter and Anti-Asian violence) and now war. But to quote Anais Nin during WWII, “The worse the state of the world grows, the more I strive for inner perfection and power. I fight for a small world of humanity and tenderness.”

For us, One Small Visit embodies this fight and to keep believing in coming together because fundamentally, we have a lot more in common than we have differences.

Jo Chim

Writer , Director & Producer

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