In 1969, an Indian immigrant family takes one small step into Neil Armstrong’s tiny Ohio hometown and one giant leap into an unforgettable adventure.


Based on a true story, One Small Visit follows the Abrahams on their incredible journey  navigating through 1960s Middle America, in the wake of the moon landing and the civil rights movement, right to the doorstep of the Armstrong home.


One Small Visit will be a heartwarming, live-action short film.





  • Shoot the film Fall 2021 in Ontario, Canada

  • Submit as a live-action short film to festivals that qualify for the Academy Awards

  • Screen at organizations and foundations that promote intercultural awareness

  • Screen at community outreach groups

  • Seek distribution with theatrical and streaming services

  • License to educational institutions for Asian diaspora heritage programs




Director’s Note

My dear friend Anisha told me about her family's adventure over a decade ago, but it wasn't until three summers ago that I spoke with her mom directly. Listening to Mrs. Abraham recount that afternoon, I saw it play before my eyes. It was so vivid and captivating. That was the genesis of One Small Visit.


Troubled by the growing polarization around the world, working on this story gave me hope. After researching the 60s in more depth, I realized the parallels between that era's turmoil and today's. I see their tale as a parable for our own divided times.


Little did I anticipate the escalation we’re in now. From Black Lives Matter to Stop Asian Hate, we’re in a climate where tragic stories of racism dominate. I want to address identity and belonging in an uplifting way.

Now more than ever, we need stories that unite and heal us. As Asian diaspora, we've long been part of the fabric in our adopted nations but constantly viewed as perpetual foreigners, people who don’t belong.


One Small Visit proves we do, that we’ve been here all along, part of the most celebrated event of human history, interacting with the most iconic of American families, in the very heartland of the nation.


It's a story about finding connection and a shared humanity.

I'm so honored to be entrusted with telling it and thrilled to have this international team coming together to make it.

Jo Chim